Top 5 tech items to bring to college

The Fall 2018 semester is quickly approaching. Whether it’s your first semester of college or your last, you should be sure to have necessities while you are away from home. Here’s our list of the top 5 tech items to make sure you bring to college to ensure a good tech experience.

1.Power Strip Surge Protector:

Surge Protector

You are never going to be sure when mother nature will wreak havoc. Stay prepared, protect your electronics with a surge protector.

2.Portable Battery:

Portable Battery Backup

Forget to plug your phone into the charger before you went to bed? Are you running late to class or work with only 10 percent battery left? Bring a portable battery so you won’t have to sit by the wall waiting for your phone to charge.



Sometimes you need to escape the noise of your surroundings to get some studying done – or just relax. Don’t forget to bring a pair of headphones or earbuds to give yourself some “me time.”

4.Video Streaming Service:

Video Streaming Services

Finished studying for the week? Time to treat yourself to a movie night! Set yourself up with a subscription service like Netflix or Hulu to enjoy your time off from school work in the comfort of your bedroom!

5.Thumb Drive/External Hard Drive:

Thumb Drive

If you’ve already got everything else in the list secured, do everything possible to remember a thumb drive or external hard drive. No matter your major, you are going to have important projects, papers or notes. Be prepared and keep a backup of anything you have done in college! If you forget, use Microsoft OneDrive, a great file storage system in the cloud that you can access anywhere using your university ID. It’s part of the free Office 365 system available to all students, packed with important software like Word, PowerPoint, Excel and much more.