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Guy in VR headset, Robot playing video game, and Robot puppy
Written by Steffanie Agnew

At SXSW this year, there were plenty of technology innovations on display, and we thought we’d share them with Bobcats. From robot puppies to robots using artificial intelligence to learn and invent their own language, it was apparent technology has come a long way!

Virtual reality technology

Imagine being able to learn about Mars as if you were there. At Hewlett-Packard’s Mars Home Planet space, people sat in unique pod-like chairs for an immersive experience. With headsets on they were taken through a story of what life might be like for a new person living on the red planet, if it were inhabited by a million people. The technology used to create the life-like experience was an integration of motion, haptics, spatial sound, and virtual reality.

Robot puppies

If you’re allergic to dogs but have always wanted one, you may have a new hypoallergenic option. Sony’s Aibo robotic pet gives lifelike expressions and a variety of dynamic movements to bring it to life. Aibo uses cameras, microphones, and speakers to listen and interact with you. It can also do tricks like begging and rolling over for belly rubs!

Artificial intelligence and language learning

Das Fremde was an installation at the Sony House, where robots used artificial intelligence to invent their own language and culture in real time. They appeared to follow visitors with their webcam-like eyes and made sounds similar to human language and animal calls. The robots attempted to imitate humans as people interacted with them.

The AI Gamer

If robots can invent languages, they can learn to play games too! At the SXSW Trade Show, a little robot used artificial intelligence to play the game, Super XEVIOUS. Like human gamers, it learned while it played to try to clear each stage.

The Breakfast Robot

Those who aren’t morning people or those who would like to save some extra time on their routine, may not need to worry about breakfast anymore. Connected Robotics displayed a robot, Loraine, at the SXSW Trade Show who can be scheduled to make that morning meal for you.

It is exciting to see where the future of technology is headed. But concepts like these are being developed even now by Texas State students and faculty researchers, who also displayed their innovations at SXSW. Which technologies are you most excited about?

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