Empowering users through new skill sets: Dr. Carlos Balam-Kuk Solís and Texas State’s No-Code Initiative

From scrolling through social media to checking financial accounts, we interact with software programs nearly around the clock. For the most part, only those with expertise in programming have enjoyed the freedom to design these creative and commercial outlets. More

Driving digital equity and inclusion with no-code tools

I introduced no-code/low-code platforms previously in the I want to develop an app, but… post. At that time, I stated “low code is considered a pathway to empowerment for individuals underrepresented in the digital sector.“ Today, thanks to a partnership

The low-code bus arrives: filtering, sorting, and making the app pretty

Today is a special day. We are completing the build of the Hammerhead Turtle Co. mobile portal app. The {low-code} 🚍 journey is reaching a major milestone. Wow, what a journey it has been! Listen to a recording of this post: And