Protecting your passwords

Protecting your passwords

Passwords are used to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your personal data. Creating poorly selected passwords and storing them in your browser can make your information vulnerable to bad actors. Texas State University provides LastPass, a secure and synchronized tool for users to access passwords from anywhere they may need them. 

What is LastPass? 

LastPass is a cloud-based tool that provides a secure storage space for passwords and other personal information. Manage and securely share passwords with team members using the tool. You can access LastPass through your browser extension or mobile app. 

Do not save passwords in browsers 

Despite the benefit of convenience, employees should never use browser supplied password managers for university business. Storing passwords in browsers can make you susceptible to hacking, thus leading to stolen data and loss of personal information. Students can also benefit from the same enhanced security capabilities of LastPass. 

Setting up your account 

It is important to set up your LastPass account as soon as possible! After creating your vault, add all the passwords you have stored in other locations. LastPass will evaluate your current data and identify any weak or repeated passwords. Then, it will help you create stronger passwords. For additional information regarding the set-up process for LastPass, on desktop or mobile devices, visit the apps and videos sections of the Password Management web page.  

Kadence MaKenna is a student creative copywriter for IT Marketing and Communications.

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